Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why I haven't taken a holiday since 2011- Guest post by First Time Valley Mam

My next guest post is by First Time Valley Mam which explains why she hasn't taken a holiday since 2011.

Holidays. The last time I went on holiday was in 2011 that was before I was married, kinda like a pre honeymoon as we had work straight after. We flew with my nan to spend the week at my uncles who at the time was living In lanzarotte. 

2012 and along came Z, being an ivf baby we knew he was coming! The first year was so hot in the uk didn't even think of a holiday. We were going to visit my uncle again, but we were worried about car seats and a buggy like you do. 

Then they moved back to the uk. Now holidays worry me. Why? Autism. I worry how Z will be. 

There would be 6 main things I'd need:
1) iPad 
2) Wifi 
3) A pool
4) Possibly our own place 
5) Space. Safe space 
6) Innocent smoothies and cheese spread. 

Would he even manage on a plane? With the new law coming in on screen size on certain planes, there's no way he'd cope without his iPad. Of course the iPad would need wifi to be able to watch Timmy time that's currently his new favourite thing to watch. Over and over and over again! 

He's so fussy with his food, would he actually eat? Ok, he'll eat chips but he's on the gluten free bread would he eat normal bread? If not there goes his toast and cheese spread sarnies! 

If Innocent smoothies weren't there he wouldn't have any thing to drink in the morning or before he went to bed. 

A pool would be on my list of things I'd need, just to keep him entertained, beaches would be too busy, same as children's entertainment, he'd never cope. We would need a place of our own so he wouldn't keep everyone up all night! Somewhere with space, lots of safe space would be a must for him to run and burn off his excess energy!

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  1. It's difficult isn't it? Perhaps a villa somewhere like France or Spain where someone's been before and knows the shops. I'm sure innocent smoothies would travel ok.

  2. Oh bless her. Maybe take it in steps so you travel close by plane first.

  3. villas seem to be the best way to go, and short haul like France - theres always the car as an option to flying? It is tricky though!

  4. When it comes to holidays it must be so tricky and worrying for parents whose children have autism. I do know one mum from Ireland whose two boys have autism and she has taken them to Thomasland by plane twice and both loved it. I must ask her how she did it x

  5. We stopped holidays outside of the the UK for years after our two were born as I worried about them getting sunburnt x x


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