Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Favourite Weaning Products

Ophelia is nearly 11 months old and therefore very settled into her weaning journey. This time around we took a much more relaxed approach to it all. We allowed her to let us know when she was ready. We did a mixture of baby led weaning and mashing things but she now pretty much eats anything and everything. 

There's been a few items on our journey that have really helped us out, so i've rounded them up in a list of my favourites. Hopefully they can help you on your weaning journey.

1) Babymoov Nutribaby

I always find that whenever it comes to baby products there are always so many of them. The Nutribaby has become a bit of a lifesaver in our house. It has certainly freed up some room in the kitchen. It has 5 functions which are bottle warmer, steriliser, steamer, defroster and a blender. It's the ideal product for weaning as it does everything you need for your journey. 
I've written about the steriliser function here, Steriliser. I will also be writing about the other functions in future posts.

This cup is easily one of my all time favourite weaning products. I am gutted I didn't know about them when we were weaning Eva. Ophelia wouldn't take to drinking from a beaker. We therefore had to try and give her water through a cup which as you can imagine, resulted in both her and us getting soaked. 
This cup really is a miracle worker. This doesn't spill water at all!!!! Not even in your change bag. You can tip it upside down and shake it until your heart is content but the water won't spill out. When a baby sips out of it, it reseals straight away. 
It's also really easy to clean as it has no sprouts etc. I cannot recommend this enough. 

I've batch cooked a lot of Ophelia's meals to put in the freezer. These bowls are airtight but best of all you can write on them. This is such a handy feature. You can then clean the markings off when you wash the bowls.
I've also used these when we have been on picnics. Eva loves to help prepare food for a picnic and then pack them away into these bowls.

These spoons are brilliant for the first stages of weaning. They also last a long time as we still have the ones we used on Eva. They are very soft, so are perfect for tender gums. I love how long the handles are as you can reach the bottom of jars and pots. Ophelia loves to grip them and attempt to feed herself.

This highchair is ideal for all stages of weaning. It grows with your baby as you can adjust the height. 
It's very sturdy, matches well with our kitchen and is very easy to clean. I can't begin to tell you how many red pasta sauces have been sprawled all over ours but there are no stains.

The final pick is this Bibetta bib. It's been everywhere with us including our holidays abroad. It washes really well in a washing machine. 
There is a fold out pocket which is brilliant for catching all those dropped pieces of food. 

What are/were your favourite weaning items?



  1. Not having kids myself I can't even begin to imagine how tough weaning must be but these look like useful items x

  2. Babymoov seems to have some awesome weaning products and it is with shame that I admit I had never known of them before this post!

  3. I have tried so many products and agree these on your list are awesome. One thing I would say though is bibs, bibs, bibs! Lol Or let them feed naked, it can be so messy especially when they love yoghurt.

  4. Also don't have kids, but some great ideas that I can tell my friends that do xx

  5. I had a similar high chair for the monkeys, which I loved - so easy to clean and much better than the one we had before which had lots of hidden spaces for food to get trapped. We had a load of those little tubs, and I use them now to put snacks in for the boys at kindergarten xxx

  6. I love the munchkin cups! We have the version without the handles, they're great! x

  7. The munchkin cup is great! We have used these style cups and have the beaker types for older kids too.
    Fab selection x

  8. Aww these look like great products. I use to love those trainer cups when mine were little :)

  9. We love most of these products too! Honestly can't fault the Munchkin Cup, soo clever and handy x

  10. The one thing ive noticed from these weening products is the bright colours x

  11. I don't have any children but I'll definitely be sharing this with my friend - she could do with some support. Think she would really like the weaning spoons (and they look so pretty!)