Monday, 27 October 2014

Sing along Frozen cinema screening

So it's half term and guess what the weather is looking dreadful all week. Thankfully, Eva is not at an age where I need to be worrying what to do with her everyday seeing as she's not in school yet. However, I took her to a fab screening at the cinema on Saturday and thought i'd share it all with you as it'll be a fab way to keep your disney fans entertained these holidays. 

Odeon cinemas are showing screenings of a sing-a-long version of the smash-hit Frozen all week. The tickets are £3 each for an adult and the same price for a child. Check your local cinema for timings by going on their website here: Odeon. If you have an odeon card be sure to use it to claim your points. I know as a parent, anything that gives me points I love! 

Up until this particular day I had never watched Frozen all the way through and quite frankly could not understand what all the frenzy was about. How wrong was I?! 

We rocked up and Eva sat down with her children's deal which included popcorn, chocolate and a drink and she was very entertained seeing all the lovely princesses arriving very excitedly and taking their seats. 

The film itself was exactly the same except whenever there was a song the words would come up on the bottom of the screen (like a child's version of karaoke). I found the whole experience quite heartwarming hearing all these children belting out 'do you want to build a snowman and let it go'. 

Eva, who at the moment is just coming up to 22 months found the whole thing fantastic. For the rest of the weekend we were treated to her own rendition of 'let it go' repeatedly. This then led me to popping into the disney store and buying her the elsa singing doll for christmas. Apparently I'm one of the lucky ones for picking up the last one that was in there on Sunday so parents I urge you to buy them quickly as people are going crazy for them and we are still almost 6 weeks until the big day. You can buy them direct from the disney store here: Elsa Doll

So to sum up I think this is a great way to entertain your kids this half term which is very reasonably priced and quite frankly (although I hate to admit it) actually fun for the parents too. 

Have you been to see this version? Is your child a Frozen fan? Let me know your thoughts.

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Love Kerry and Eva x

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