Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Primark and Next

Primark recently opened a brand new flagship store in Cardiff and I have to say it may well be the best Primark I have ever been in. It is so well layed out, merchandised wonderfully and is very nicely decorated. 
The children's floor amazed me. There was a such wonderful selection of clothes for all ages. 
These gorgeous dungarees particularly caught my eye. Annoyingly I can't remember whether they were £6, £7, or £8. Regardless of that they were an absolute bargain. They are quite thin for denim making them perfect for the hot summer days we've currently been having. The coral floral pattern gives them a very cute look.
The hat is from Next. I've been a big fan of this mini trilby for Eva as not only is it stylish but it is so practical keeping all of the sun from her face. The colour is perfect as it matches any outfit. If you look online it has had raving reviews and I couldn't agree with them more. I often find buying hats for Eva a pain as they never normally fit well to her head and are always too big, but this one is great. Buy it here. Hat

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